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It’s A Private Party

Bobby “Blue” Bland sings about an exclusive party that is open to anybody who has a “broken heart.”

This party is not one that you can buy your way into.

This party is one that is just for those hurt by a lover. It appears to be an exclusive club, but who among us have not had such an occurrence?

Many parties are judged by who is invited. Here the party is judged by those who are invited. Those who are going to the party. Bobby Bland sings about a party where it is exclusive, but in the sense of the “First being last.” Matthew 20:16

The party is like the wedding that Jesus told us about. You know the one,  where the invited guests were not worthy (perhaps they didn’t have the broken heart that Bobby Bland sang about). So they went out into the highways and byways to invite everyone. Matthew 22:8-10. 

The story turns when a man walked in and didn’t have the right clothes on. He didn’t have the one requirement he needed to be there. The white robe. And was cast out the party.

How did you get in here without the requirements. I can’t help but think of someone going to Bobby Bland’s party without a broken heart. No, it’s members only tonight. 

This party is Member’s Only. And it ain’t about your money. It ain’t about your status. In the Biblical Parable it is the white robe. And some theologians will go running theologically with the idea of it being Christ’s righteousness. 

But Bobby Blue Bland simply will have us think about that robe being our fitness to be at the party, which is nothing more than our broken heart.

Put on the provided robe and come on in, cause it’s Member’s Only Tonight yall. 


Lord, we come to the party that you have prepared. We ask that you throw us a party that even those who don’t have the broken heart would wish they could enjoy. 


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