The Blues and The Cross.

What The Crossroads Tell Us About The Gospel.

Playing The Blues

Learn with me. Whether it is harmonica, guitar, voice, songwriting, and just tactics. Come learn with me. 

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DEVOTIONS and Theory

If you just want to hear about the connections between the Gospel and Blues then you are in the right place. Lectures, discussion, theory, and theology all can be found here. 

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The Blues Lectionary

The Revised Common Lectionary From the perspective of the Blues. 

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Amos Sings The Blues

RCL, YEar B, Proper 10 Amos 7:7-15 In our Bible reading, Amos, the great Blues Prophet, sings a song that no one wanted to hear. This is not a Gospel Song about “Good Times Commeth.” No, this is a Blues Song. This


Cover Jesus Promised Me a Home Over There – Harmonica

Jesus Promised me A Home Over There Something about “blues based gospel.” Sometimes songs like this are derided as promising “pie in the sky when you die.” But there is something songs like this teach us. They teach us that we know


Lessons From a Singing Coach

  Preacher, Sing Like You Preach Well, if you have been around my music endeavors for any period of time, you know that singing seems to often be a part of it. Whether I am strumming the guitar, or playing chords on

Blues and Theology

This website is an approach to studying and understanding the Blues and other related music traditions in light of my theological training.


Sherman Cox

I am a Vanderbilt University Divinity School trained theologian who has trained many preachers through his website SoulPreaching.Com.

I am also a Software Engineer and an amateur musician who plays guitar, harmonica, and sings.